Caffe B Beverage Menu

Armed with a wide variety of alcohol from all over the world. Our Bartenders are here to serve you one of a kind drinks. 

Order from our specialty cocktail menu or you can even request for a bespoke suited just for you. Just ask our Barkeep and they will come up with something just for you.

Rum Tum Gunner
A twist on the classic Mocktail 'Gunner'. Rum Tum Gunner is here to spice things up. with a punch. So head over to the bar and get yourself one quick!


The Classic Irish Coffee
Grab yourself a nice warm cup of Irish Coffee the classic way. Made with old school recipe, demerara syrup instead of sugar, bound to hit you with the nostalgic feels right off the bat. 

A balanced mix between earthy Sake and everyday spices brings about Kuro. Earthy tones with a touch of sweetness that compliments the Hojicha factor.

Il Polenza 11

“Il Pollenza” located in Tolentino, was bought by count Brachetti-Peretti more than twenty years ago from the house of Antici Mattei. Harvesting takes place between the end of August and mid-September. Grapes are primarily harvested by hand and put in wooden crates

Tea Forte
The Exceptional Tea Experience.

Tea Forté’s pyramid infuser is an elegant signature of the brand. Unwrap, steep and reveal the exquisite nature of the whole leaf teas, herbs, fruits and flowers within. Each handcrafted infuser is designed to allow the blends to luxuriantly unfurl into each deliciously aromatic cup.