Just like her culinary manifestos, Caffé B is the celebration of the union of cultural diversity. As reflected in the word "Caffé", it implies the coming together of people in appreciation and sharing. And this is where we are now. 


Be it in the bar or restaurant, the staff come together to share cultures regardless of it being local, or foreign, all of these are bound by just one particular passion. The love for food.


We hold this particularly dearly to us and would also want our guests to experience this passion in what we do.


Chief Adviser
Masanao Saito 


Born in Tokyo and brought up
in a family of artistic talents in Saitama,
Chef Saito’s artistry came naturally.
With an architect dad
and a sister who designs ceramic dinnerware,
he found his own creative path in culinary.

At the age of 15,
Chef Saito had a run of part-time kitchen positions in an Izakaya. The daily 5hr shift in a fast paced kitchen environment left a lasting impression, encouraging him to explore his culinary prowess.

Chef Saito's culinary repertoire flourished over the next 20 years, as a "homegrown" chef in different regions of Japan. He then proceeded to Sweden where he served as a personal chef to a Japan Ambassador. 

In 2014, after spending almost 5 years in Sweden, Chef Saito started his culinary career in Singapore bringing with him infused flavors of Europe.

Chef Saito had by then developed and refined his culinary techniques, offering innovative Italian cooking paired with an elegant touch of Japanese culinary refinement.

After successful stints at renowned Japanese restaurants including Hanashizuku and 5 Nines, Chief Saito was hand-picked by Caffe B as it’s the chief adviser.

Chef Saito is always striving to create an individualized dining experience that is both refined yet unexpected for his clients. Constantly evolving and changing, his cuisine is inspired by his passion for cooking as well as by his native Japanese roots. 

When Chef Saito is not in the kitchen, you will likely find him enjoying his music and art, spending his time in the garden with his green collection.

Inspired by good music, fine art, and nature, Chef Masa brings his cooking to a higher level of perfection.